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BIOGRAPHY: Gary did basic training at Ft Campbell, Kentucky and did AIT at Ft Sill, Oklahoma. While stationed in the U.S. he was with C Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Artillery, 24 Infantry Division out of Ft Riley, Kansas, as driver and load-a-rammer operator on a M110 S.P. (self propelled) 8" Howlitzer. While in the service, Gary participated in "Exercise Reforger I Carbide Ice" in Germany. Reforger was an annual exercise conducted during the cold war by NATO. The exercise was intended to insure that NATO had the ability to quickly deploy forces to West Germany in the event of a conflict with "The Warsaw Pact". "Reforger I Carbide Ice" began 29 January 1969 and ended February 4, 1969. Participating units were 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment; 24th Infantry Division, 2nd Squadron 3rd rmored Cavalry Regiment; HHT 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The reforger exercise itself was first conceived in 1967. The Johnson administration announced plans to withdraw approximately 2 Divisions from Europe during 1968. As a demonstration to it's commitment to the defense of NATO and to illustrate it's capability of rapid reinforcement, a large annual exercise was conceived. These exercises continued annually past the end of the Cold War except for 1989, until 1993. Reforger 1988 was billed as the largest ground maneuver since the end of WWII as 125000 troops were deployed. Reforger was not merely a show of force in the event of conflict, it would be the actual plan to strengthen the NATO presence in Europe. Gary is from Dunnell , Minnesota.