Martin County Veterans Memorial

IWWI and WWII information was obtained from two books borrowed from the Martin County Historical Society. Martin County in the WORLD WAR 1917-1919.  Compiled by Arthur M. Nelson and published by the Sentinel Publishing Company of Fairmont, Minnesota in 1920.  Service Record World War II Martin County Minnesota, sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion. The WWII book was narrated by by Ray F Kesler.  Hopefully this compilation has been transcribed accurately and no one has been omitted. In the event that errors or omissions have occurred, please contact us with the correct information. This is an ongoing process and changes can be made at any time.

Civil War

Records found on the Civil War showed that 63 Martin County,  Minnesota residents participated in the Civil War. Records show that 8 died during or just after the war. It is not know at this point if they died from combat, accident, or illness. These names will be listed here and if any information can added as to their demise, please let us know. 626 Minnesotans were KIA in the Civil War, 1677 died from disease, 159 died in POW camps, and 43 died in accidents.

Canfield, Daniel A.  Died 1/20/1864

Canfield, James E.   Died 2/4/1864

Cook, M.L.               Died         1865

Hudson, James S.   ?

Johnson, Issac        ?

Personius, Horace    Died 1/11/1867

Schultz, Christian   Died 12/16/1864

Whitcomb, Milo S.  Died 5/24/1865 

Spanish-American War

April of 1898 saw about 3500 people see off about 80 soldiers from Martin Counties Co D,  of the Minnesota National Guard. On May 9th, 1898 they were mustered into Federal service and trained at Camp Thomas at Chickamuga Park in Georgia. They trained hard under very severe conditions and suffered from typhoid, dysentery, and malaria. Equipment, uniforms and supplies were in short supply. After many hardships the men returned home on September 23 after seeing no action.

WWI Martin County Service Members Who Died Serving Their Country

Anderson, Alfred E.  Sergeant  Died October 8, 1918 Influenza

Anderson, Fredolph O. Private Died October 13,1918 Pneumonia

Anderson, Gust W. Corporal MIA October18, 1918. Reported missing in battle near Grandpre, France and was no doubt lost in battle. 

Bast, , Henry A.  Private  Died October 6, 1918 Influenza

Brinkman, Carl E. Private Died October 11, 1918 Pneumonia

Brown, Wilber E.  Private  Died January 27, 1919 Pneumonia

Carlson, Elwin G.  Private  Died November 8, Influenza

Cary, Clifford L.  Private  KIA October 8, 1918  Killed in an explosion at Exermont in the Argonne, by a direct hit.

Cattnach, Ora F.  Private  KIA  August 9, 1918  Shot in the chest and arm he died of his wounds. Place unknown.

Dahnke, Carl F.  Private  Died October 16,  1918 Pneumonia

Deitrick, Franklin J.  Private  January 3, 1918 Pneumonia

Donwen, Albert F.  Private  November 20, 1918 Railroad accident

Edman, Andreas T.J.  Private  November 2, 1919  Influenza/Pneumonia

Feller, Seward F.  Private  January 13, 1918 Influenza

Foster, Henry W.  Private  KIA  October 23, 1918  Killed in heavy action near Grand Pre.

Giles, Burdette M.  Sergeant  February 27, 1919 Typhoid fever

Giles, Delaney S.  Private  November 15, 1918 Pneumonia

Graff, Arthur N.  Private  October 9, 1918 Influenza

Hammer, Thomas T.  Private KIA  October 7, 1918 Killed in action in the Argonnes.

Havn, Hans O.  Private  October 11, 1918. Pneumonia

Houghtaling, Elting W.  Private  June 15, 1918 Pneumonia

Jensen, Anton P.  Private  KIA  September 26, 1918  Killed on the first day of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive

Jensen, Theodore C.  Landsman  September 12, 1918 Pneumonia

Johnson, Arden G.  Private  October 8, 1918  Influenza/Pneumonia

Jones, Galen H.  Private First Class  December 1, 1918  Motorcycle orderly died from injuries from collision with truck while stationed in France.

Klindt, Julius G,  First Sergeant  KIA  November 1, 1918  Killed during action during Meuse-Argonne offensive.

Klusendorf, Rudolph T.  Corporal  KIA  October 5, 1918  Killed in the Battle of the Argonne.

Lade, Arthur  Private  KIA    October 15, 1918 Killed during the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

Lucas, Arlo G.  Private  November 8,1918  Influenza

Nassen, Ernest G.  Private  KIA   October 25, 1918  Was a stretcher bearer and severely wounded near Grand Pre. Died several days later of his wounds.

Nelson, Chris  Private  January 25, 1918  Pneumonia

Oles, Lee R.  Private    November 26, 1917  Pneumonia

Olson, Nels S.  Private  KIA  August 17, 1918  Killed near Ypres.

Oselius, Hjalmer J.  Private  KIA  October 12, 1918  Killed during operations for the relief of the "Lost Battalion" of the 77th Division.

Personius, Lester C.  Corporal  August 17, 1917. Died of disease in Fairmont at Camp Wm. Bird. First Martin County soldier to give his life in the war.

Prentice, Lee C.  Second Lieutenant   August 1, 1918  KIA  Aviator last seen alive after landing in enemy territory near Vigny, France.

Reader, George E.  Private  KIA  October 17, 1918  Killed in action in France.

Redman, Milton E.  Private  April 25, 1918  Died of disease.

Reis, Fred H. C.  Private  October 5,1918  Influenza

Robinson, Ray W.  Private  October 2, 1918  Influenza

Rodewald, Bert D.  Private  October 3, 1918  Pneumonia

Saxton,  Thomas  Corporal  KIA  September 29, 1918  Killed by shell fire near Bellecourt, France.

Schwieger, Arnold F.  Private  KIA  October 4, 1918  Killed in the Meuse-Argonne.

Sengbusch, George H.  Private  October 15, 1918 Influenza

44 Martin County Soldiers Died during WWI


15 KIA

23 Influenza/Pneumonia

2 Disease

1 Typhoid Fever

1 Train accident

1 Motorcycle accident

WWII Martin County Service Members Who Died Serving Their Country

Abel, Donald H.  Corporal  KIA  April 9, 1945 on Okinawa   Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart 

Andersen, Frank A.  Sergeant   KIA  May 29, 1943 on Attu Island  Purple Heart posthumously

Anderest, Arlo O.  Private First Class  KIA  May 22, 1945 on Okinawa  WWII Victory Medal, Purple Heart posthumously, Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Medal w/1 Bronze Star

Andros, Rollo C.  Captain of Infantry   KIA  July 13, 1943 in New Georgia, Southwest Pacific  Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart

Barnett, Lloyd F.  Private First Class  KIA  October 8, 1943 in Italy  Purple Heart

Bernhardt, Daniel R.  Private First Class  KIA  May 29, 1943 during ground fighting on Attu  Purple Heart

Borchardt, Marlen H.  Private  KIA  April 17, 1945  Wounded by enemy fire while on guard duty. Died in American hospital in France of his wound.  Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Bosshart, Maurice L,  Seaman 2nd Class   KIA   January 14, 1944    Lost at sea, Pacific Area.  WWII Victory Medal, American Theatre Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Medal

Brown, David N.  Corporal  KIA  August 5, 1944  Killed by sniper on Guam.  Expert Rifleman Medal, American Theatre Medal, Purple Heart posthumously, Presidential Citation, Asiatic-Pacific Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Brown, John W.  Private First Class  KIA  June 13, 1944 Aide and personal bodyguard to Gen. Taylor. Killedin France.  Sharpshooter badge, GoodConduct Medal,American Theatre Medal, Purple Heart,Presidential Citation, WWII Victory Medal,  European Medal     

Brandt, James L.  First Lieutenant  KIA  July 7, 1944  Killed on Saipan, Marianas Islands. Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, Purple Heart, Navy Unit Commendation Medal, American Defense Medal, WWII Victory Medal-all awarded posthumously

Carrol, James E.    Private First Class   KIA  February 22, 1944  Killed on Iwo Jima.  WWII Victory medal, Presidential Unit Citation w/1 Bronze Star, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, Purple Heart

Carver, Byron C.   Unknown Rank  KIA  April 18, 1945  Killed on Luzon.  Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal,  American Defense Medal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal

Claussen, Willis E.  Private First Class  KIA May 21, 1945  Killed on Okinawa.  Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Ribbon w/2 Battle Stars, Bronze Arrowhead, Philippines Liberation Medal w/2 Bronze Stars, Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, American Defense Medal 

Evjen, Leroy R.  Seaman First Class KIA Buried at sea. Date not known. Purple Heart

Fouts, Melvin C.  Private First Class  KIA  March 1, 1945. Lost his life in Meuse River near Dinant, Belgium. European Theatre medal, WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal w/2 clasps, Expert Rifleman's Badge, American Theatre Medal

Glasco, Don N.  Second Lieutenant  KIA  June 22, 1944 Served in Burma. Purple Heart

Gorman, Robert S.  Lieutenant  KIA  January 30, 1944  Killed in Germany.  Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart

Gukeen, Harry A.  Private First Class  KIA  April 26, 1945  Killed at Baruch, Germany .  Expert Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, Presidential Citation, European Theatre Ribbon

Hefler, Harold E.  Private First Class  KIA  March 16, 1945 Killed on the Siegfried Line, near Absuciler, Germany. Infantry Combat Badge, Purple Heart

Heiser, Robert F.  Sergeant  KIA  January 30, 1944  Killed at Cisterna di Littoria, Italy.  Distinguished Service Cross awareded posthumously, Purple Heart

Jensen, Oscar  Sergeant  KIA  September 13, 1944. In the skies over Germany,  Purple Heart

Johnson, John G.  Corporal  KIA  September 22, 1944  Killed at Aitape,  New Guinea. Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, American Theatre Medal, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal w/3 clasps, WWII Victory Medal, Infantry Combat Badge

Kahler, Vernon F.  Electrician's Mate Third Class  KIA  November 25, 1944  Lost his life in an attack. American Theatre Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Purple Heart

Keller, Edgar H.G.  Platoon Sergeant   KIA  May 16,1945  Killed on Okinawa.  Presidential Citation with Battle Star, Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w/3 Battle Stars

Krohn, Lloyd A.  Sergeant  KIA  October 25, 1944  Killed on Leyete, Philippines. Good Conduct Medal, American Theatre Medal w/1 Bronze Star, Asiatic-Pacific Medal w/1 Bronze Star, Purple Heart

Larimore, Merle S.  Staff Sergeant  KIA  January 5, 1945  Killed by a sniper in Alsace-Lorraine. Good Conduct Medal, Expert Infantryman's Badge, Purple Heart

Lenz, Donald J.  Private First Class  KIA  January 13, 1945  Killed in action over Belgium. Awards not available. Fought on "D-Day" and the Battle of the Bulge.

Lighthardt, Roland W.  Private  KIA  March 8, 1945  Killed on Iwo Jima. Purple Heart

Lueck, Max F.  Private First Class  KIA  January 18, 1945  Killed on Luzon, Philippines. Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal w/3 Bronze Stars

Lynch, Maurice J.  Second Lieutenant  KIA   June 15, 1944  Killed at Saipan.  Legion of Merit after Tarawa, March 1, 1944, Purple Heart (Saipan), Bronze Star (Saipan), Asiatic-Pacific Medal w/3 Stars, American Defense Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon Bar w/2 Emerald Stars 

Mann, William D.  Private First Class  KIA  January 22,1942  First Martin county boy to be killed in WWII and second boy from Minnesota to be killed. Killed in the Battle of Hacinda on Bataan.  Purple Heart, Presidential Citation

Melby, Carl E.  Staff Sergeant  KIA  Wounded July 11, 1944, returned to active duty August 22, 1944. Was killed November 10, 1944 in France. Good Conduct Medal,  Purple Heart, WWII Victory Medal, Bronze Arrowhead

Mueller, James M.  Sergeant  KIA  February 4, 1945  Killed at Luxembourg, Germany.  Infantryman's Badge, Purple Heart (for wounds received in action), Purple Heart posthumously

Murphy, Paul C.  First Lieutenant  KIA  August 10, 1943  Killed at Sicily, Italy.  Purple Heart, National Defense Ribbon, Combat infantry Badge w/2 Battle Star

Olson, Bruce P.  Second Lieutenant  KIA  October 7, 1945  Killed over Okinawa.  Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal

Palmer, Dewey E.  Private First Class  KIA  May14, 1945.  Wounded on Leyete. Killed on Conical Hill, Okinawa.  Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal, Good Conduct Medal w/3 clasps, Purple Heart, WWII Victory Medal, Expert Rifleman's Badge

Peterson, Sidney W.  First Lieutenant  KIA  May 28, 1944  Shot down on his 60th mission.  Distinguished Flying Cross, 10 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal, Purple Heart

Rosenberg, Herbert H.  Private First Class  KIA June 22, 1945  Killed on Okinawa.  Silver Star, Infantry Combat Badge, Good Conduct Medal

Rowe, Jerris R.  KIA  November 26, 1944  Killed at Hellering, France. Rifleman's Badge, Purple Heart

Sandberg, Wayne  Aviation Radioman Third Class  KIA  February 16, 1945 Killed in the skies over Tokyo.  Air Medal

Schmidtke, Waldemar E.  Staff Sergeant  KIA  January 22, 1945  Killed at Luzon, Philippines. Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal, Purple Heart, American Defense Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal w/3 clasps

Schultz, Donald L.  Staff Sergeant  KIA  May 26, 1944  Killed in Italy.  Combat Infantryman's Badge, 5th Army Commemorative Medal, Purple Heart

Senne, Harvey J.  Seaman First Class  Killed in Marine Disaster, North Pacific, near the Aleutian Islands, January 12, 1943. American Campaign medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Sisson, Ronald C.  Private First Class  KIA  December 5, 1944  Killed as the leading scout for his platoon, Leyete, Philippines. Good Conduct Medal, Expert Rifleman, Purple Heart

Starr, Donald R.  Sergeant  KIA  September 30, 1944 Killed near Mook, Holland.  Silver Star, Bronze lion of Holland, Purple Heart-all awarded posthumously

Streit, Vincent L.  Private  KIA  August 3, 1943    Killed in Sicily, Italy.  Purple Heart 

Style, James G.  Staff Sergeant  KIA  December 29, 1944  Killed at Sadgot, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge.  Purple Heart posthumously

Style, Robert G.  Private First Class  KIA  July 13, 1944  Purple Heart, European Theatre Medal

Sukalski, Edward J.  Corporal  KIA  July 11, 1944  Killed in France. 

Tomlinson, Jack R.  KIA  November 10, 1944  Killed in France.  Purple Heart

Tonne, Raymond L.  Sergeant  KIA  April 8 , 1943  Killed in Tunisia, North Africa during the Battle of Hill 609. Purple Heart

Trondson, Sheldon E.  Private First Class  KIA  July 27, 1944  Killed in France. Purple Heart, European Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Uplinger, Charles J.  Private First Class  KIA October 5, 1944  Killed in Holland. Purple heart posthumously

Vincent, Glenn H.  Private First Class  KIA  December 23, 1944  Purple Heart, European Theatre Ribbon

Wilson, Ralph H.  Sergeant  KIA  February 23, 1945  Killed somewhere in the North Sea. Purple Heart posthumously

Winzenburg, George .  Second Lieutenant  KIA  August 25, 1945  Reported MIA November 5, 1943 over Muenster, Germany. Purple Heart, WWII Victory Medal, European Theatre Medal


WWII Dead Other Than Killed In Action

Betin, James H. Private  Died May 1944 in California. Cause unknown.

Davison, Ray  Sergeant  Army Air Force, Died in a plane crash. October 6, 1943

Detert, Fritz F.  Private First Class  August 5, 1943   Died in an automobile accident in California.  WWII Victory Medal, American Theatre Medal, Good ConductMedal

Giles, Harry D.  Second Lieutenant   December 2, 1942  While on a routine flight over Waco,Texas, he died in a plane crash. WWII Victory Medal

Kastning, Wayne W.  Sergeant  Died in a plane crash July 18, 1943 in Oregon. 

Koefod, James R.  Aviation Cadet  Died of Disease in Chicago in January of 1943.

Mayo, Lloyd W.  Second Lieutenant  Died in an airplane crash at El Toro, California on January 31, 1944 while flying a F4U Corsair Fighter plane. Marines Corps.

Metz, Robert A. Second Lieutenant  Flew P47 Thunderbolt for combat duty. Flew 23 missions over France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. While testing a plane on August 11, 1944, his plane crashed and he was killed. Purple Heart, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster

Meyenburg,Paul W.  Technical Sergeant  Was killed May 6, 1944 in a car accident at Fort Knox, Kentucky. WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal

Myking, Arnold G.  Private First Class  Died December 16, 1945 in Denver,Colorado. Asian-Pacific Theatre Medal, Good Conduct Medal w/3 clasps, Victory Medal, American Theatre Ribbon

Roehler, Helen  Ensign  Navy Nurse Corp Killed in an airplane crash in the Aleutian Island area of Alaska. Red Cross Medal

Scheef, Willis E.  Private First Class  Died on active duty May 10, 1945 in Germany. Cause of death not stated. Good Conduct Medal, American Theatre Medal, European Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal, American Defense Medal, Purple Heart

Stoneback, Clinton F.  Second Lieutenant  Killed on November 8, 1942 while ferrying materials and soldiers across the Carribean Sea.

Thiede, Alfred L.  Lieutenant  Killed in a plane crash near Jacksonville, Florida, November 6 , 1944. American Theatre Medal, WWII Victory Medal

Welchlin, Wilbert  Sergeant  Died in Monroe, Louisiana, on April11, 1945. Cause not stated.

71 Young Men and 1 Woman Lost Their Lives During WWII.

57 KIA

14 non battle deaths

Korean War  Martin County Service Members Killed in Action

Bringle, Dale E  Sergeant Killed on October 5, 1951 U.S. Army  5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division

Ziemer, Jack R.  From East Chain     Missing on July 30, 1950  U.S. Army  MIA POW 19 Infantry Division 2nd Battalion   Missing in Action near Pusan perimeter. Presumed dead February 17, 1954.

Vietnam War Martin County Service Members Killed in Action

Carson, Edwin E  Private First Class  Killed on October 21,1968. From Fairmont  U.S. Army  Killed  North of Saigon less than six months in country.

Hamsmith, Allan F  Sergeant  Killed on July 22, 1968.  From Fairmont  U.S. Army  101st Airborne, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry, B Company. Located Bunkers Vic Trang Bang, South Vietnam, Hua Nghia province.

Harber, Stephen J  Sergeant  Killed on July 2, 1970.  From Fairmont  U.S. Army    MIA  Killed on Hill 902during the Battle of Ripcord

Harper, Timothy V  Staff Sergeant  Killed on February 17, 1971  From Ceylon  U.S. Army  Killed at Phuoc Long, South Vietnam. 1st Cav Division Airmobile

Jorgenson,  Jerome D  Sergeant  Killed on May 15, 1969  From Fairmont  U.S. Army   killed by grenade at Thau Thien, South Vietnam. 101stAirborne Division

Lindberg, Brian V  Lance Corporal  Killed on April 4, 1968  From Dunnell  U.S.M.C.  3rd Marine Division 1st Battalion 9th Marines A Company Killed Quang Tri province, Hill 471 near Khe Sanh Combat Base.

Schanck, Henry E  Lance Corporal  Killed on January 3, 1968  From Fairmont  U.S.M.C.  III Marine Amphibious Force, 2nd Civil Affairs Group. Killednear Phouc Trach East of Hoi An Quang Nam province by explosive device.

Smithson, Craig D  Private First Class  Killed on December 20, 1969  From Welcome  U.S. Army  199 Light Infantry Bde  Killed at Binh Thaun.

Wolter, James L  Specialist 4th Class  Killed on January 7, 1969  From Granada  U.S. Army  11 Light Infantry Bde  Killed by small arms fire Quang Ngai.

Wood, Robert H.  Sergeant  Killed on July 15, 1969  From Fairmont  U.S. Army  11 Light Infantry Bde  Killedby exp[osive device Quang Ngai.

Worthley, Kenneth W.  Staff Sergeant  Killed on August 8, 1969  From Sherburn  U.S. Army  5th Special Forces  Killed in Laos from small arms fire.


Deeds, Roger W.  Lance Corporal  Killed November, 2005  From Truman  USMC  Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendelton

Killed in Obeidi, Iraq

Posivio, Robert  Lance Corporal  Killed May 23, 2006  From Sherburn  USMC  I Battalion, Ist Marine Regiment, Ist Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendelton   Killed in Karmah, Iraq

Iraq/Afghanistan Died Other Than KIA

Posivio, Daniel    Fireman Apprentice   Navy   From Sherburn    USS Carl Vinson    Killed in automobile accident July 27, 2004.

For God and Country