For God and Country

​​​Martin County Veterans Memorial


BIOGRAPHY: Was with Air Antisub RON 29 as an aviation metalsmith, making the rank of Petty Officer 3rd class. Robert was assigned to a 30 day check crew. They removed saltwater corrosion from aircraft and then repainted them.  Their aircraft tracked submarines but in Vietnam they spotted naval gunfire and flew missions fueling up watercraft in the rivers. He nearly died from a serious food reaction. Doctors said they weren't set up for his situation and suggested that he be discharged. During this time the North Koreans captured one of our communication ships. His ship was a decoy ship for a 21 ship task force to recover that ship. During that time Robert was moving through various medical units. He ended up at the medical hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. A Japanese medical female doctor was taking incoming intake patients. She began asking questions about his ship. He told her he didn't know anything. Robert later found out that she was arrested for being a communist spy. During his hospital stay Robert was on various work details taking wounded from the Tet Offensive to various wards for treatments. After the service he worked at Railway Motors as a printer. He left that job to become a cop. He was a police officer for Fairmont for 26 years, Martin County Sheriff for 8 years, Truman Police Chief for 3 years.